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Boruto Episode 89 Preview, Leaked Image and Spoilers: Watch Online


Boruto Episode 89: One of the longest arc in the anime world, Mitsuki arc seems finally coming to the end in Boruto. The episode series gone with many ups and downs till now and we can finally see an end coming with Boruto Episode 89. However, it never felt being stretched for no good reason and gained momentum as well, a few episodes back.

However some episodes of Boruto seems should have ended earlier, but nevertheless, the series is going well now.

Spoiler warning: This post contains a lot of spoilers from Boruto Episode 89 along with a leaked image. 

Buruto Season 89 Title: “A Persistent Heart”

The episode begins with Buruto walking along with Sarada towards Kirara. As they keep proceeding towards Kirara, Sarada tries to make her first move by launching an attack on Sharingan. Although, as a matter of fact, Kirara dodges the attack and Sarada missed a golden opportunity.

Then following the episode, Kirara was smart enough to activate Genjutsu using her powers and catch both Boruto and Sarada in her Genjutsu with zero efforts. It was quite fascinating to see such movements from the powerful end.

Now Kirara can control their minds and bodies, proceeding further she instructs both of them to fight each other till death. It seems Kirara loves making people their puppets and kill with no efforts. They both tried to grab each other throats, it would be interesting to see how they will escape this paradox.

Boruto Episode 89 Leaked image:

In the leaked image we can see, Sarada using the knife attack against Boruto. However its still unclear whether Boruto will be able to dodge the attack or get injured with this deadly step.

In Photos: Malaysian Panda Celebrating Her 1st Birthday with Ice Cake


Being obsessed from Cute Pandas is quite normal as its near to impossible from resisting yourself looking them playing with things.

One-year-old panda spotted in Malaysian zoo on Monday, celebrating her birthday with special ice cake made by Zoo Authorities. It was really an adorable step by authorities to make it better for the animals.

The young panda looked quite shy while being carried to her cake which was lying with a number “1” on the top. It was decorated beautifully and apparently loved by the panda as well.

Although the panda seemed not interested in celebrations and did what pandas like to do the most in such events, she falls asleep. The cake was decorated with carrots which are considered good for Pandas.

The current weight of 1-year-old cute panda is mere 34 kilograms so Zoo Authorities can carry her themselves as of now, but unsure how far. She was the second cub born to Liang Liang and Xing Xing since they were sent from China to Malaysia in 2014, on a 10-year loan. The cub is not yet named.

Her other sibling, Nuan Nuan who born in August 2015 and sent back to China in 2017. The cub was sent back under the agreement between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur that directs cubs born in captivity must go back to China at the age of two.

The pandas are kept at the national zoo’s panda centre outside Kuala Lumpur.

Only 1800 Pandas are left in this world, most of them are living in China and primarily eats Bamboo

Britain pledges legislation in 2019 to combat deadly air pollution


Positive news arriving from Britain after the country decided to end pollution by the end of this year. Britain pledged on Monday to kill deadly air pollution. Nations around the world are paying tremendous costs in terms of life and economy because of the pollution.

Britain Govt will the first big economy to adopt norms for air quality goals after WHO recommendations regarding human exposure to particulate pollution matter.

“Air pollution continues to shorten lives, harm our children and reduce quality of life. We must take strong, urgent action,” environment minister Michael Gove added in a statement.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs stated the goals set by Britain Govt to reduce pollution as aim to reduce the costs of air pollution to society by 1.7 billion pounds every year by 2020, increasing to 5.3 billion pounds every year from 2030.

Britain govt already released the plans to emit emissions from cars and planes. In addition to cars, diesel-only trains will also be removed from the tracks by 2040.

“Thousands of lives are lost every year in the UK because the air we breathe contains dangerous particles,” said Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive at the British Heart Foundation, adding the strategy need matching with legislative action.

It seems the authorities are now taking pollution health impacts seriously now.

“We urgently need these guidelines adopted into national law, to accelerate coordinated, bold and ambitious action that will protect people’s heart and circulatory health wherever they live in the UK.” (Reporting by Alistair Smout; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

Cyber attack halted printing of major newspapers: WSJ, NY Times on Target


According to the Los Angeles Times report, a cyber attack halted the printing department of major newspapers in San Diego and Florida over last weekend. The halt resulted in a delay of operations and disruption in news reporting. The attacks were from outside the United States, surprisingly the attacks immediately stopped after an unofficial channel accused a specific foreign government.

Cyber attack halted printing of major newspapers: WSJ, NY Times on Target

This attack was directly on printing operations and quite advanced in nature. It’s not generally seen when a computer malware attacks on infrastructure and take down the operations. The attacks seem politically motivated upon reviewing the timeline of events. This opened up an entirely new channel to target international media.

The malware was targetted on the networks used by Tribune Publishing, which was the company behind the formation of The Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune.  However its important to note that the two papers still use their former parent company’s printing networks.

According to a statement from LA Times, malware attack also affected the weekend distribution of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Its however a fact that NY Times and WSJ uses a large printing plant in Los Angeles for their West Coast editions. However, it’s not clear so far whether both the companies were affected by the same attack. Although the patterns of damage seem exactly the same.

Its important to note that online versions of all newspapers remain intact here as only printing operations were targetted by the said hackers.

“Every market across the company was impacted,” Marisa Kollias, a spokeswoman for Tribune Publishing, told The Los Angeles Times. The Tribune’s remaining publications include its flagship, The Chicago Tribune, and newspapers in Florida, Hartford, Connecticut, and Maryland. It also owns The Daily News in New York.

However, the Tribune statements don’t necessarily indicate a role of a foreign government in this attack. According to some of the anonymous sources cited by LA times, it could be deemed as a ransomware attack to encrypt the data so that hacker can ask for money in exchange of unlocking the attack.

One Piece Chapter 929 Spoilers, Speculations and Latest Leak


The latest drop on One Piece just dropped at Jump Festa 2019 while the official spoiler deliberately released by the producers of the show during the event. Earlier Shonen Jump announced about the upcoming anime line up for the forthcoming year, which eventually resulted in a lot of buzz in the market. There were many preview releases, including one of the One Piece Worldseeker which is expected to come next year.

While the show turns up for “One Piece”, a page was unexpectedly released from One Piece Chapter 929 and the links from Straw Hat Pirates built up. The showcase page revealed a green haired swordsman from the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 929 Leaked Image
One Piece Chapter 929 Leaked Image

It can be seen in the leaked image captured at Jump Festa 2019 for One Piece Chapter 929, Zoro apparently got a new company with a thief. This indicates that Zoro most probably was facing trouble getting back to their rendezvous point and is lost again in Wano. There are no indications of his current position.

In One Piece, last time we have seen Zoro when news about Luffy’s capture was there in the magazines. He was enjoying a perfect Wasabi Sushi with no hindrances. And the Sushi vendor appears to be a different one.

Before going to Sandman’s translation, we can understand that Zoro is accompanying a thief and probably Zoro’s new friend. The thief seems worried free as Zoro is there to save him. The Straw Hat swordsman seems fully frustrated because the thief is quite talkative and keeps on bugging non-stop.

The said thief even calls him that women from Wano will be flocking over Zoro because he’s strong. As per a few online speculations, it can be deemed that Zoro is possibly going to get his partner in Wano Country.

According to the fans’ speculations, Komurasaki will fall head over heels to Zoro. Zoro was quite able to keep himself away from any lady temptation so far. The following developments are going to be interesting for sure.