Boruto Episode 89 Preview, Leaked Image and Spoilers: Watch Online


Boruto Episode 89: One of the longest arc in the anime world, Mitsuki arc seems finally coming to the end in Boruto. The episode series gone with many ups and downs till now and we can finally see an end coming with Boruto Episode 89. However, it never felt being stretched for no good reason and gained momentum as well, a few episodes back.

However some episodes of Boruto seems should have ended earlier, but nevertheless, the series is going well now.

Spoiler warning: This post contains a lot of spoilers from Boruto Episode 89 along with a leaked image. 

Buruto Season 89 Title: “A Persistent Heart”

The episode begins with Buruto walking along with Sarada towards Kirara. As they keep proceeding towards Kirara, Sarada tries to make her first move by launching an attack on Sharingan. Although, as a matter of fact, Kirara dodges the attack and Sarada missed a golden opportunity.

Then following the episode, Kirara was smart enough to activate Genjutsu using her powers and catch both Boruto and Sarada in her Genjutsu with zero efforts. It was quite fascinating to see such movements from the powerful end.

Now Kirara can control their minds and bodies, proceeding further she instructs both of them to fight each other till death. It seems Kirara loves making people their puppets and kill with no efforts. They both tried to grab each other throats, it would be interesting to see how they will escape this paradox.

Boruto Episode 89 Leaked image:

In the leaked image we can see, Sarada using the knife attack against Boruto. However its still unclear whether Boruto will be able to dodge the attack or get injured with this deadly step.


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