One Piece Chapter 929 Spoilers, Speculations and Latest Leak


The latest drop on One Piece just dropped at Jump Festa 2019 while the official spoiler deliberately released by the producers of the show during the event. Earlier Shonen Jump announced about the upcoming anime line up for the forthcoming year, which eventually resulted in a lot of buzz in the market. There were many preview releases, including one of the One Piece Worldseeker which is expected to come next year.

While the show turns up for “One Piece”, a page was unexpectedly released from One Piece Chapter 929 and the links from Straw Hat Pirates built up. The showcase page revealed a green haired swordsman from the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 929 Leaked Image
One Piece Chapter 929 Leaked Image

It can be seen in the leaked image captured at Jump Festa 2019 for One Piece Chapter 929, Zoro apparently got a new company with a thief. This indicates that Zoro most probably was facing trouble getting back to their rendezvous point and is lost again in Wano. There are no indications of his current position.

In One Piece, last time we have seen Zoro when news about Luffy’s capture was there in the magazines. He was enjoying a perfect Wasabi Sushi with no hindrances. And the Sushi vendor appears to be a different one.

Before going to Sandman’s translation, we can understand that Zoro is accompanying a thief and probably Zoro’s new friend. The thief seems worried free as Zoro is there to save him. The Straw Hat swordsman seems fully frustrated because the thief is quite talkative and keeps on bugging non-stop.

The said thief even calls him that women from Wano will be flocking over Zoro because he’s strong. As per a few online speculations, it can be deemed that Zoro is possibly going to get his partner in Wano Country.

According to the fans’ speculations, Komurasaki will fall head over heels to Zoro. Zoro was quite able to keep himself away from any lady temptation so far. The following developments are going to be interesting for sure.


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