In Photos: Malaysian Panda Celebrating Her 1st Birthday with Ice Cake


Being obsessed from Cute Pandas is quite normal as its near to impossible from resisting yourself looking them playing with things.

One-year-old panda spotted in Malaysian zoo on Monday, celebrating her birthday with special ice cake made by Zoo Authorities. It was really an adorable step by authorities to make it better for the animals.

The young panda looked quite shy while being carried to her cake which was lying with a number “1” on the top. It was decorated beautifully and apparently loved by the panda as well.

Although the panda seemed not interested in celebrations and did what pandas like to do the most in such events, she falls asleep. The cake was decorated with carrots which are considered good for Pandas.

The current weight of 1-year-old cute panda is mere 34 kilograms so Zoo Authorities can carry her themselves as of now, but unsure how far. She was the second cub born to Liang Liang and Xing Xing since they were sent from China to Malaysia in 2014, on a 10-year loan. The cub is not yet named.

Her other sibling, Nuan Nuan who born in August 2015 and sent back to China in 2017. The cub was sent back under the agreement between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur that directs cubs born in captivity must go back to China at the age of two.

The pandas are kept at the national zoo’s panda centre outside Kuala Lumpur.

Only 1800 Pandas are left in this world, most of them are living in China and primarily eats Bamboo


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